Our CBD Production

The raw product:

Our CBD products start with the best, low THC, American hemp. Our hemp is sourced based on quality and compliance with low THC requirements, and comes from Maine and Kentucky. All of our hemp is then tested prior to processing for levels for levels of all cannabinoids and contaminants, including pesticides and metals.

Carefully crafted, Health inspired, and Physician supervised.

Hemp to CBD:

The raw hemp buds are processed via a state of the art process. The manner of processing is very important to the quality of the final product. Hemp can be processed to produce a CBD ISOLATE or it can be processed to produce a FULL SPECTRUM CBD product. CBD ISOLATE is a CBD dominant product that has eliminated all other cannabinoids, except a small amount of THC.


This product is also primarily CBD, with a small bit of THC, but FULL SPECTRUM CBD unlike CBD ISOLATE, contains all of the other cannabinoids in a hemp plant, substances like CBG and CBN and many more.

Why is this important?

Patient response and scientific study have clearly shown that taking a substance with all of the natural cannabinoids still present, helps these cannabinoids work together and work better. This synergy helps turn on the maximum effects of the body’s  endocannabinoid system” (the system which responds to cannabinoid substances) and thus provides the maximum effect for pain, inflammation, mood, sleep, and other conditions.

The best CBD formulation, ready for you!

IntegrumMD’s FULL SPECTRUM CBD oil is now ready to be matched with every patient’s unique medical condition and dose requirements.

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